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Company Profile
TelecomCareer presents job for Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Inc.Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Inc. | Employees: 57 | Sales: $20 Million - $50 Million

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Company Overview:
Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CEC), is a Touchstone Energy® cooperative located in north central Ohio. The Co-op also owns three subsidiaries:

• Bright Energy, Inc., a natural gas distribution company.
• Consolidated Gas Cooperative, Inc., a propane cooperative.
• Consolidated Electric Foundation (Operation Round Up), dba “The People Fund.”

CEC feels that bringing 21st century telecommunications to rural areas is analogous to the situation that existed regarding provision of electricity to rural areas in the early 1900’s. CEC was the first Ohio recipient named to receive a portion of available American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grants and loans to enhance broadband infrastructure and create a North Central Ohio Rural Fiber Optic Network in 2010. The co-op was awarded just under $2.4 million for a project with a total budget of a projected $3.7 million to provide enhanced broadband capabilities to Delaware, Morrow & surrounding counties. The co-op team continues to manage this middle mile project to ensure success leading to economic development, job opportunities, education and overall improved communications services to underserved communities throughout Greater Central Ohio. This middle mile project is integral to a Smart Grid initiative and broadband service that will bring urban connectivity to rural Ohio.





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