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Sr. Director Sponsored Projects Financial Operations Job from TelecomCareers
Sr. Director Sponsored Projects Financial Operations | Arundel Group LLC | Washington DC 56901 USA |
Job Description:
The Director supports the tactical, strategic and operational objectives of Financial Affairs with regard to externally funded projects and directs the day-to-day operations and resources of the Offices of Cost Analysis and Compliance (CAC) and Sponsored Accounting (SAO). Job OverviewReporting directly to the Chief Accounting Officer, the Director supports the tactical, strategic and operational objectives of Financial Affairs with regard to externally funded projects and directs the day-to-day operations and resources of the Offices of Cost Analysis and Compliance (CAC) and Sponsored Accounting (SAO).  The focus of the Senior Director position is to provide expert and efficient guidance with regard to financial operations of sponsored projects to management and to the managers and staff of CAC and SAO to ensure that operational responsibilities are fulfilled, policies are enforced and customer service goals are reached.  The Senior Director works with principal investigators, department financial managers on training and compliance testing to ensure the strength of the financial compliance environment at the organization.  S/he also works closely with resources on improving the functionality of the Organizations Financial System used for managing externally funded projects.  The Senior Director oversees preparation and submissions of the yearly fringe benefit rate proposal, as well as the preparation, submissions, and maintenance of the costing model used for the Facilities &Administrative rate proposal.The director has oversight of the Offices of Sponsored Accounting (10 FTE’s), Cost Analysis and Compliance (2 FTE’s), and Cash Management and Collection (2 FTE’s).  The Associate Directors of Cost Analysis and Compliance and Sponsored Accounting and Reporting, as well as the Manager Cash Management and Collection report directly to the Director.Work InteractionsSponsored Accounting (SAO): The Office of Sponsored Accounting is responsible for monitoring and executing the post-award administration of sponsored activity.To accomplish this task, SAO must maintain (1) an effective grants management system to monitor compliance with fiscal and reporting requirements as established by Federal and State law, agency regulations, organizational policy and procedures, and generally accepted accounting principles; (2) accurate general ledger information to ensure proper financial presentation of sponsored activity within financial records; and (3) a support structure for personnel engaged in research activity.To ensure proper post-award compliance, SAO regularly monitors activity and coordinates with pre-award departments, financial offices, departmental administrators, and principal investigators.  In addition, SAO assists in the training of those involved in sponsored activities.Cost Analysis and Compliance (CAC): The Office of Cost Analysis and Compliance is responsible for (1) overseeing the  response to all external audits related to sponsored projects, including the annual Uniform Guidance Audit and any Federal or private sponsor audits; (2) providing accurate financial information required by federal agencies, other governmental organizations and private sponsors (i.e., cost proposals and surveys); (3) preparation and submission of the fringe benefit rate proposal as well as the preparation and submission of the Facilities &Administrative rate proposal; and (4) monitoring financial compliance with federal, other government and private agreements (i.e., allowability and allocability of costs, service center review etc.).To accomplish these functions CAC develops and maintains the financial models and systems required for preparing and submitting an indirect cost proposal and fringe benefit proposal to the Department of Health and Human Services (i.e., CAC develops the documents and studies for the negotiation with the federal government on organized research indirect cost and fringe benefit rates; and CAC prepares special cost studies including space functionalization, energy utilization, inventory, and building componentization studies).  CAC works on the direction and development of the federally required Cost Accounting Disclosure Statement and maintains and updates the document as needed or required.  CAC analyzes financial and budgetary data and develops the financial models for trend analysis, survey requirements, and for internal and/or external studies. CAC also conducts risk based audits of sponsored transactions and sub award agreements to review for financial compliance. In addition, CAC participates in the training of those involved in sponsored activities to reinforce compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and requirements.Cash Management and Collection (CMC): The Office of Cash Management and collection is responsible for (1) maintaining an effective cash management system to ensure the payment of obligations and the collection of funds; (2) reporting of cash receipts to Federal sponsors; and (3) ensuring that cash payments received from sponsors are accurately accounted for and proper documentation is maintained within the financial records. CMC also acts as a resource for the SAO financial analysts, providing information on cash receipts from sponsors and to help ensure that operational responsibilities are fulfilled, policies are enforced and customer service goals are reached.Requirements and QualificationsBachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance is required.  Master’s degree or CPArequired. Seven to nine years managing cost accounting or sponsored accounting. Previous work in non profit or hospital setting with a medical research facility is a plus. Knowledge of federal agency, external sponsor, and Uniform Guidance audits is required. Knowledge of complex accounting systems. Proven experience with managing staff.FunctionManagement:Staff Development (HR Issues) Responsible for managing the staffing needs of Cost Analysis and Compliance and Sponsored Accounting departments (i.e., hiring, coaching, training, and discipline of staff).  Coordinate staff development (i.e., internal and external training).  Maintain position descriptions.  Conduct periodic and annual reviews. Oversee Financial Reporting and Billing Requirements: Communicate to the customer base timely and accurate financial information to effectively manage over $200M of annual revenue in public and private grants and contracts. Manage and develop the SAO staff to ensure accurate and timely accounting, reporting, billing, and identify problems associated with the financial administration of sponsored accounts.Oversee Compliance:  (1) Establish systems or processes to enhance the organizations compliance; (2) Review and update policies and procedures that relate to the administration of government and private projects;  (3) Oversee the Effort Reporting System to ensure compliance with Uniform Guidance requirements;  (4) Monitor compliance with applicable regulations, including Uniform Guidance, Cost Accounting Standards, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and Internal Revenue Services regulations;  (5) Oversee cost transfers on sponsored accounts  to ensure compliance with Federal regulations;  (6) Oversee and ensure compliance of the Research Affiliation Agreement  (i.e., ensure Personal Service Agreements (PSAs) are completed in a timely manner by working closely with the Clinical Trials Office, Director Office of Sponsored Research, CFO and Federal and other sponsoring agencies) and monitor and analyze funds flow of sponsored agreements;  (7) Interact with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) as needed as it relates to clinical trials;  (8) Ensure quality control issues are identified and documented. Oversee Accounting Functions/Cash Management: (1) Take lead in general ledger accounting (including receivables, reserve analysis, etc.) for sponsored activities; (2) Analyze accounts receivable and oversee timely payments from the sponsoring agency and posting to the proper award.  Also, develop metrics to monitor accounts receivable, Letters of Credit (LOC), and status of financialreports;   (4) Develop effective management methodologies and policies to ensure cost overruns and audit disallowances are minimized and that problems are appropriately identified.  Notify principal investigators, grant administrators and budget officers of cost overruns, close out requirements, and otherfinancial problems.External Audits and Reviews (1) Coordinate the response to annual audit findings regarding sponsored project activity in the Audited Financial Statements and oversee implementation of remediation plans and ongoing monitoring; (2) Coordinate and oversee the preparation of the Schedule of Federal Expenditures and all supporting documentation for the annual Uniform Guidance Audit; (3) coordinate and oversee the  response to federal and private sponsor audits and reviews of specific project financial operations. FunctionCustomer Service:Provide Research Financial Operations Support to Management: Work with financial officers to provide management support and data to assist with management of unit research portfolios. Policy and Procedure Update and Development:  Coordinate with research community to develop and maintain necessary policies, procedures, and instructions required to meet all Uniform Guidance requirements, FAR regulations, and other sponsor’s administrative requirements.Support Research System Development:  Work with the Core Team and research community to develop and maintain information systems for research administration at the organization.Customer Service/Training: Serve as a resource to management regarding the oversight of sponsored project financial operations at the organization.  Serve as a resource to staff, principle investigators, administrators, and finance staff in the administration of sponsored agreements.  Coordinate updates to the community via formalized training sessions, web pages, and newsletters.  In concert with the Offices of Sponsored Programs and Sponsored Research, develop and implement a training program to ensure that principal investigators and department administrators understand organizational policies and procedures and regulatory requirements associated with grants and contracts.  Ensure quality control issues are identified and documented. FunctionExpert Knowledge Serve as representative with external organization and associations.Keep abreast of Uniform Guidance requirements, private agency guidelines, Federal Demonstration Project , Council of Government Relations (COGR), etc. Research and evaluate pertinent professional and related legal literature to develop and/or recommend changes to policies and procedures relative to financial administration of sponsored projects.Develop and maintain cost and sponsored accounting industry knowledge base.Understand and keep current on Accounting Standards (FASB, GAAP, GAAS, etc.)Develop and keep current on organizational policies and procedures.
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