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Wireless Network Manager Job from TelecomCareers
Wireless Network Manager | Aristotle, Inc | Little Rock AR 72201 USA | Full Time
Job Description:
Job Summary:
The Manager of Wireless Services performs daily supervision of work of all wireless installers and technical support staff to organize and over-see implementation of wireless system maintenance and inventory control procedures, to perform onsite customer support for Wireless and modem connectivity, to assist installers with wireless installations, to assist with Wireless system upgrades, and to research Wireless systems and related components. The Manager will maintain Aristotle’s third party technical support vendor relationship and insure that services are provided at the highest professional level.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

• Manages the design of new wireless networks including IP routing, radio frequency reuse, and hardware and overall project cost and steps.
• Supervises the work of wireless Installers and other department staff insuring all wireless department employees perform work in a professional manner.
• Designs and implements Wireless Maintenance program covering all existing Wireless systems. Recommends equipment upgrades and assists installers to implement approved upgrades or changes.
• Prepares monthly and quarterly reports concerning wireless system maintenance and identifies present and future upgrades and other system improvements.
• Designs and implements Wireless inventory program to track field and stock inventory levels. Notifies Aristotle management of any anticipated stock shortages and recommends purchases. Maintains shared database of inventory allowing access for Wireless team and management.
• Troubleshoots wireless connectivity and performance problems, designs and supervises required repairs or improvements to insure maximum system performance.
• Develops training procedures for wireless installers, including steps to router setup, proper CPE and cabling installation and oversees wireless employee training to insure each employee will perform in a professional, efficient manner.
• May work “off-hours” to implement repairs or installation of customer or distribution equipment
• Researches, studies and keeps up with new developments in the Wireless field. Participates in discussion groups, applicable newsletters, periodicals, etc.
• Confers with equipment vendors as need to receive latest insight and solutions for connectivity problems for end users as well as system operations.
• Reports to Aristotle management when problems or events affecting large segments of the system or more than 10 end users.
• Insures end user notifications are sent to all affected participants when upgrades, changes, or outages will adversely affect connectivity and when schedule maintenance or upgrades will be performed.
• May be required to attend seminars, conferences, or training sessions in or outside normal office hours / environment, which may include travel and over-night stays.
• Attends weekly Wireless and Systems meetings. Participates in projects requiring additional manpower for Mail system upgrade, router maintenance and other potential system requirements.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skill:

• Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite of programs.
• Knowledge of Fixed Broadband Wireless system and network design.
• Ability to climb towers and train other climbers according to tower climbing certification regulations.
• Knowledge of OSHA regulations as it pertains to wireless and tower site installations.
• Working Knowledge of Wireless routers, router setup and related IP transit issues.
• Working Knowledge of wireless internet distribution principles and underlying radio signal systems, including frequency, propagation, interference, etc.
• Ability to troubleshoot Wireless connectivity issues to determine rapid solution to connectivity disruption.
• Ability to use hand and power tools, and prepare multiple types of cables for use with wireless and modem connectivity, and capable of lifting a minimum of 50 lbs. of dead-weight without assistance.

Preferred Knowledge, Abilities and Skills:
• Professional experience managing a diverse work-force with proven supervisory skills.
• Tower climber certification and training in related safety requirements.

Educational and Experience Requirements:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or related field and a minimum of four (4) years professional experience in the Fixed Base Terrestrial Wireless Industry with hands on field installation experience of one (1) year or more. Tower climbing certification required.

More experience in technical services may be accepted in lieu of a college degree.
Categories: Engineers / Technicians
Experience Required: 4 yrs





Little Rock



Contact Name: Patricia Wilkes
Phone: 5013744638
Fax: 5013761377
Job Code: 424508

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