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I&R Technician Job from TelecomCareers
I&R Technician | TelForce Group | Philadelphia PA 19019 USA | Full Time
Job Description:
TelForce Group is looking for an I&R Technician to work in the states of PA, KY, NC, GA & FL. Pay package is $25/hour with a $9/hour allowance for truck & tools and $2 allowance for Technician test equipment.

I&R Technician Description:
• Vendor to assume responsibility for the company’s Installation external work orders including Customer Premise.
• Except as described herein, Vendor at its own expense, shall furnish all labor, tools, machinery, vehicles, transportation, lodging, PCs, Software, Cameras, Cell Phones, Expense items associated with PC, Software, Cameras, Cell Phones and all other facilities necessary to complete the Project(s) in compliance with the company’s specifications
• Contractor to utilize Viavi HST3000 with copper and xDSL modules
• A mixture of bucket trucks and regular trucks to be provided by Contractor. All techs are to be able to work aloft using gaffs, ladders and/or bucket trucks
• Minimum tools required to complete Project-
o Truck (as appropriate)
o HST-3000 with the WB-2 Module and/or ONX-580
o 28-foot ladder
o Hand tools for cabling
o Butt set
o Can wrench
o Snips
o UR Crimpers
o Hammer
o Hard hat
o Reflector vest
o Safety cones
o Safety harness for ladder/pole/aerial bucket
o Laptop
o Cell phone
o Email access
• Knowledge of the following-
o Occupational Safety and Health Code (latest edition)
o Applicable city, county and state ordinances
o National Electric Safety Code (latest edition)
o National Electric Code (latest edition)
o Applicable government agencies for safety and health for the work force
o All of the company’s Engineering and Safety Practices
o Municipal, county, state or federal regulations may alter installation specifications in some areas. If specifications are altered from these standards, an additional attachment will illustrate changes
• All changes or revisions of the installation specifications made by the Vendor must be requested in writing and approved by the company.
• Contractor will hang aerial drops and place temp buried drops if needed.
• Local loop conditioning will be required on a large percentage of the orders.
• The company reserves the right to change or revise the installation specifications to adapt to local conditions. In such case, the Vendor shall be notified.
• In some cases, in-home wiring may be required beyond the outside NID.
• Working hours will be Mon-Fri from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Dependent on work volumes, work may be extended to Saturday as well.
• The purpose of this PSA is to have contract installation forces available to complete installation on telecommunications jobs that are time sensitive.
• The Vendor will be expected to have installer(s) available to perform the requested work immediately.
• Implementation and ramp up plan will be put in place immediately upon award.
• Contractor understands that there may be level of work that may be performed internally.
• Vendor shall provide field technicians, supervision and/or project management to support existing Consumer and SMB Broadband Speed Upgrades. The work will include wiring at broadband DSLAM, copper line bonding and conditioning, NID preparation or replacement, inside wire installation or rearrangement, DSL modem replacement and customer education as required. The vendor shall provide the following resources:
• Customer Service Technicians: Trained technicians with truck and tools/test equipment required to perform DSL speed upgrades on existing consumer and SMB customers. CSTs should be capable of successfully provisioning broadband service over copper facilities from the DSLAM to the Modem. CSTs should also be well versed in aerial and buried copper line maintenance and repair.
• Contractor must successfully complete a minimum weekly average of two (2) orders per day, per contract technician and/or no more than 240 minutes per order per contract technician including travel to the customer premise.
• Contractor must maintain a 7-day repeat dispatch rate of 10% or less.
• Contractor must maintain a positive weekly average Net Promoter Score (NPS) on post installation surveys.
• Failure to maintain a 2 order per day or 240-minute per order average completion rate - 10% reduction in hourly rate per specific technician that fails this standard.
• Failure to maintain an average 7-day repeat rate of 10% or less – 10% reduction in hourly rate per specific technician that fails this standard.
• Failure to maintain a positive average NPS – 10% reduction in hourly rate per specific technician that fails this standard.

Candidates must be at least 18 years old and be able to pass a Background, Drug and DMV screening to be considered for all job openings. Candidates must have a valid driver’s licenses and be insured; some jobs may require travel up to multiple weeks at a time. Please send all resumes with certifications relative to the job to In subject line, please note the position you are applying for, a current resume in Word format, 2 references, phone number and email. We reserve the right at all times to disclose any information as we deem necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, or to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, in our sole discretion. All resumes submitted to TelForce will become the property of TelForce and shall have the right to display to a third party or in our database for consumption. Call August at 615.915.3119.

Categories: Engineers / Technicians








Contact Name: August Nelson
Phone: 6159153119
Fax: no
Job Code: I&R

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