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I & R - Installation and Repair Technician Job from TelecomCareers
I & R - Installation and Repair Technician | Mercury Z | -Multiple Locations- | Full Time
Job Description:
Installation and Repair (I&R) Technician
Job Duties:  
Your job duties will include, but may not be limited to:
• Performing DSL speed upgrades on existing consumer and SMB customers
• Provisioning broadband service over copper facilities from the DSLAM to the Modem
• Wiring at broadband DSLAM
• Copper line bonding and conditioning
• NID preparation or replacement
• Inside wire installation or rearrangement
• DSL modem replacement
Customer education as required
• Receiving work assignments from client representatives, other designated supervisory personnel, or by electronic terminal.
• Performing operations in connection with the installation/maintenance of copper based services.
• Installing, repairing and maintaining inside cables, wires and plug-in equipment to connect telecommunication systems and equipment.
• Reading and interpreting facilities plans, and/or vendor specification documents for the purpose of locating, and repairing copper based services.
• Using test equipment for installing and repairing copper based services.
• Promoting the sale of client services and products.
• Making face-to-face customer contacts while communicating with customers before, during, and after the work operation.
• Identifying and meeting individual customer requirements on provisioning and/or repair orders.
• Completing all related administrative paperwork to include, but not limited to, daily time sheets or submittal of work completed.
• Performing light digging.

In performance of your duties, you must
• Versed in aerial and buried copper line maintenance and repair
• Have the ability to work aloft, underground (manholes), and in buried facilities environments.
• Have the ability to lift, carry, and maneuver equipment and material in excess of 70 lbs.; i.e. ability to remove ladder from truck, carry, raise, climb and descend ladder and replace ladder on truck.
• Have the ability to operate hydraulic aerial lifts (buckets).
• Be willing to work any days and any tours, outdoors in any type of weather.
• Follow established safety practices and guidelines.
• Adhere to strict regulations and procedures for the security of property.
Employment Items:
The following will confirm the remaining terms of your employment with Mercury Z:
• You will support our clients in the areas of our determination
• Your employment is at will.
• Your tickets/jobs and locations of work will be assigned.
• You will not accrue sick or vacation time
Employment Documents:
You will be required to provide or maintain:
• Evidence of a valid driver license
• Transportation – a truck that will be certified for use by our client
• Evidence of valid vehicle insurance
• Cell phone for accessibility
• Proof of eligibility to legally work in the United States
Tools Issued:
The following tools MAY BE issued and MUST BE returned at the end of this engagement or your last pay check WILL BE adjusted to cover the cost of any issued items.
Sidekick (if needed)
Tablet PC
Voltage Detector
Categories: Engineers / Technicians
Job Level: Independent
Travel Required: 100% of the time
Required Citizenship: Authorized to work in U.S.
Interview Costs Paid: None




I & R install & repair














Contact Name: HR Team
Job Code: I&R GA

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