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Remote Technical Support - Siemens EWSD / DCO Switch Job from TelecomCareers
Remote Technical Support - Siemens EWSD / DCO Switch | Gonzalez Land Management | Various TX 94506 USA | Full Time, Part Time, Contract
Job Description:
EWSD / DCO Remote Technical Support – Software (including Translations) and Hardware technical support for both / either the Siemens EWSD or DCO switch types. Provide detailed technical support and assistance to various internal and external customer work groups. Provides remote coordination and development of projects; research, collect, analyze, and distribute data as it pertains to projects, enhancements to existing products and services, C.O. conversions, service migration, equipment removal, AMA Recording. Provide remote installation support for deployment, and conversions of new network elements, systems, and products. Design and prepare test procedures (MOPs) to optimize and validate the trunking and routing network. Validate translations and functionality of SS7, CLASS, Equal Access, local and optional calling plans, and new products and services. Provide high-level technical support to assist other company personnel in daily maintenance and troubleshooting of complex or unique software and/or hardware problems to correct errors and provide network stability and reliability.

QUALIFICATIONS - Knowledge, education, certification, and/or license requirements: 5 years of in-depth software / hardware experience in a Service Provider / ILEC 
- or a minimum equivalent of 10 years of progressive network experience and 5 to 10 years of in-depth translations experience in an Service Provider / ILEC. Must possess a basic knowledge of other internal operations and functions such as: Interconnection, Regulatory, Engineering, Network Operations, Field Operations, Provisioning, Billing, Tariffs, etc. Must have a functional knowledge of supporting documentation, such as: LERG; Bellcore publications; LSSGR; vendor technical pubs; AMA/CDR/EMI documentation. Must be able to interpret technical manuals and schematics. Must possess good personal skills for time management, communication, and job prioritization. Must be functional in Microsoft PC applications. Must be able to understand and apply new technologies, industry standards, and Telco practices and processes.
Categories: Engineers / Technicians
Experience Required: 5 yrs








Contact Name: Ynocencio Gonzalez
Phone: (925) 323-9595
Fax: (925) 820-9955
Job Code: T1000

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