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Telecom Training Center

The Information Factory provides telecommunications training video courses. These courses provide a cost effective alternative to expensive seminars for training entry level personnel in the telecommunications field. Each video training program is accompanied by a student manual. The courses are created in a logical non-technical manner and use the video medium to provide not only the instruction but actual on site views of telecommunications systems and close-up views of hardware involved. The telecommunications training programs are developed by Robert Noakes who works daily in the field of telecommunications, locally and internationally. He also has broad teaching experience in the corporate and college classroom. Data Processing Managers, MIS Managers, and Lan Managers in large industries such as banking, hospitals, manufacturing, the military, cable television companies, and newspapers have found our telecommunications training tapes invaluable.

 These Videos are Available to order via telephone or fax:
 These free tutorials are actually the First Chapters of the above video texts: